Top 5 Red Wines Under $15

I don’t know about you, but after a long stressful day kicking back with a glass of a bold red wine takes the edge off things and lets things unwind a little bit easier, but the thing I found to be tricky was finding wines that were cost friendly that still have the flavor that you’re looking for whether it be bold, smooth, sweet, light or a mixture of them all. Below is a list of wines all under $15 that have a good blend of flavor that you can either grab on the go or pair with an enjoyable meal. Though all are on the top of my list, I have itemized them from lowest to highest, so sit back and take life one sip at a time.

Roscato - $12
Medium Bodied // Light Sweet Berry Wine  

Happy Camper Cabernet - $10
Medium Bodied // Fruit Forward Bold Wine

Apothic Red - $8
Full Bodied // Intense Smooth Fruit Complimented with Mocha & Vanilla

Menage a Trois Silk - $9
Rich Medium Bodied // Smooth Red Blend

Menage a Trois Red - $7
Smooth Full Bodied // MY PERSONAL FAVORITE

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