Top 10 Black Staple Pieces for Fall

I know I am not the only one, but I can say ten times over and over that Fall is my favorite season of the entire year with Winter following right behind it. This is the time of year to put on that extra layer to take your style one step further. Another statement I can say ten times over and over is black is my favorite color besides every shade of red there is, but it’s because black goes with absolutely anything you put it with… I CAN’T GET ENOUGH and that is why 95% of my closet is all black pieces. Black staple pieces are a must have this time of year, but the best part about black fashion pieces is that they can be used all year round and styled in different ways. Below are my Top 10 Black Staple Pieces for Fall that I have in my closet, yet some might not be the exact same ones, they are pretty close or just ones I liked while shopping around. I wanted to make sure to mention cost friendly and higher end items to fit everyone’s budget style.

Moto Jacket
You can NEVER go wrong with a good moto jacket whether it be cotton, suede or leather this main piece can be layered over top of anything like dressing it down with a sweater, jeans and some sneakers or to wearing it on top of a dress with a nice heal and scarf for a night out. In Fall, it’s doubtful there will ever be a time you won’t catch me in a moto jacket.

If you find a good blouse, treat it right, because it can last you a lifetime and be used for every season. Some blouses have been around my closet since the beginning of my fashion loving days and you would never know because it is styled differently every time. Most of the time I would wear my blouse for the office and then transition to a night look by switching the accessory or makeup.

Same with the blouse, the perfect LBD (Little Black Dress) can be used anywhere. I personally am more of a little black romper kind of girl, but dresses are always a good staple and can be used all seasons. A plus is if you find one with the right cut it can be used for those holiday parties quickly approaching with a bright red lip (see how I threw a little bit of red in there…)

Some girls can’t stand them, but I am all about them if you can find the diamond in the ruff with both looks and comfort. I think heals put off such a sex appeal and are just so “Carrie Bradshawesqe” that is just so hard to stray from and with a perfect black pair of heals, you really can’t go wrong.

A black sweater is definitely used more in the winter months, but is no less important for your wardrobe. Black sweaters can be put with denim jeans for fall and winter or denim shorts in spring rolling into summer. I am always reaching for the off the shoulder appeal myself because I like to have a little spice to my outfits, but there are times where I can go for a good turtle neck with a statement bottom.  
Cost Friendly Sweater // $18 (SAME AS PICTURED ABOVE) -

I can’t get enough… I personally have short lace up booties, flat under the knee leather boots, over the knee suede with a three inch heal and a couple more that I don’t want to mention because it might seem like I have a boot buying problem… so, I will stop there. Boots are a style necessity this time of year. Whether it be one… two… or five different pairs each can have so much power to take your outfit from casual to next level in a matter of seconds.

When your outfit is a little dull, scarfs add the cherry on top to finish things off. It’s a quick and easy fix and keeps you warm with the fall and winter months to come and with a good black scarf you will never have to worry about it going out of style.

I can’t even remember a time that I wore a purse that was not black because I don’t know about you, but my purses go through the ringer. Black purses are so universal and most, depending on the fabric, are easy to clean, don’t have to worry about them changing colors from the wear and tear and can be used with any outfit, even if your outfit does not have black mixed in.

In Fall and Winter, I am all about the nude lip and smoked out eyes with the blackest of black eyeliner for any occasion. Yet this is not a fashion piece per say, it really can make an outfit by  really make your eyes pop; even with the darkest of brown eyes. (If you want to see any of my other everyday favorites check out my Holy Grails Makeup and Skin Care)

I didn’t have a picture for this one because my former blazer has been retired and I am in transition of getting a new one. With black blazers being a higher end stable they can be used for an interview, day at the office, night out and so much more. I think the longer cut synched waists are my personal favorites because they cover and flatter all, but there are so many cuts and styles to blazers to fit anyone’s body type and signature style. If taken care of correctly can last a lifetime because most blazers don’t go out of style… unless they have shoulder padding which is making somewhat of a comeback which is a love hate relationship for me.  
Cost Friendly Blazer // $35 -

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