Top 5 Red Lips for the Holidays

During the holidays I want all things festive! From the house being decorated head to toe in bright reds, greens and golds to the traditional celebrations with family, but one thing I am eager for is the holiday style where you can get away with being head to toe glamorous and not even have to think twice. One look during this holiday season I ALWAYS go for is a bright, bold red lip. I know... red lips can be used all year round, but I feel during the holiday season is where red lips have their real time to shine with making any simple look enchanting. But, the next question is... do they stay on through the test of the festivities where you are eating your favorite treats and talking the night away at a family gathering or holiday party and I would say the below Top 5 Red Lips for the Holidays definitely pass!! Also, I have put pictures below of what each product looks like and swatches so you can see what each look like in detail against my skin and see which color best fits for you. One tip I would say before we go into the details of the colors is that a good red lipliner is your best friend. Of course one is not needed, but it definitely helps if you are just starting out and gives you an outline of where you want to apply color. 
One I would recommend would be Cherry by Mac($17.50)which I have put the link down below.
(just know if you want to get a red lipliner is does not have to match one specific color and can be apart of the red family as you are going to draw over it anyway)
Starting from the butterfly working down we have Russian Red by Mac ($17.50) which is a true american bright matte blue-red lipstick - This was the first red lipstick I owned and it has been a tried and true for the years to come. This one has staying power, but I would say with this one be careful due to the consistency as it can tend to smear, so if you are planning on eating your heart out this might not be the one for you, but if you going out for drinks or a casual night out I would definitely say this is a score!
Going down to the second from the butterfly is Dubonnet from Mac ($17.50) which is deepened brick red with a smooth creamy consistency. Again, like Russian Red it can tend to smear, but definitely has the full coverage and staying power and is a true gem in my collection.
In the middle, we have the last Mac product, but with this one being a liquid lipstick! To me, the right liquid lipstick can stay through ANYTHING! This retro-matte cranberry lip color is Dance with Me from Mac ($21.00)
On to something that isn't Mac is Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick in Sarafine ($20.00) which is a deep blue-red liquid lipstick, but I would recommend with this liquid lip, actually with all liquid lips, is to put on as little product as possible for the color payoff you want. Liquid Lipsticks are not like a gloss as much as we want to think of them that way and cannot be brushed on back and forth. Once it is on, it is on and if too much product is put on the lip will tend to clump up and we don't want that!
My last product and certainly my new found favorite not only for the price, but for the color payoff is Arriba from ColourPop ($6.00, that is not a mistype... it really is $6.00) which is a collaboration with ILUVSARAHII. I honestly don't know if this is limited addition or what, but this chilli hot bright red IS LIQUID  GOLD with the color being absolutely stunning, so I definitely would say get your hands on this one ASAP! Again, be very sparse with product as it can tend to clump up, but if put on correctly this one is a die hard and can make it through anything!! I am wearing Arriba in the picture below!

Below is a picture of what each products packaging looks like as well for reference.

I hope you this post helps with picking the perfect red lip for you!! See you soon!! 
- Katie Did ❣

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